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Basch often wandered. It had been so long since he had left his tomb, and had adventured, and had ended up meeting with a man called Cloud now and again as he journeyed in this world unfamiliar to them both. Deep down, he held hope that this man would make his way in this world without him needing to do more - for he was tired. Being both Man and Gigas, Basch had grown distant from Man once. And now his Princess was Queen, he hoped that he could do it again - so he would not suffer heartbreak of caring for people far too much.

That is, until he felt... something, echoing though his bones. His very soul. A feeling he had felt a long time ago, before he was Basch. It made him worry the smallest bit. And so, he had returned to where Cloud had been staying - his expression dire, hiding his true form behind his usual glamours. (He could use glamours to hide he was Basch - but why bother? This was the face fate had given him.) Rumours had spread, of strange beings. In the chaos and uncertainty, Basch could slip anywhere. Even if he could feel his glamours struggling to remain up, hearing the emotions of the Gigas he was one with whispering to him.
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Player Name: Kururu
Player Contact: [personal profile] kururu

Character Name: Basch fon Rosenburg
Character Account: [personal profile] ruinimpendent
Character Canon: Final Fantasy XII AU
Character History: In this AU, Basch was not born as Basch. No, he was born long ago, as the Scion of Darkness - Belias. As said in the Clan Primer, he was abandoned by the Occuria after being crafted - in an Era before the Esper were sealed in Mist.

That is, until Ultima rose up for the Thousand Year War. Belias, as a soldier for Ultima, battled the Occuria themselves. And failed. He was never seen as fitting for the Occuria, and so began to battle others. If one could defeat him, they would be his master.

But many fell to his flames, over many years.

However, Belias was defeated by a young Raithwall - the future Dynast-King, chosen by the Occuria to unite Ivalice. As he was defeated, Raithwall pledged to defend Belias - and gave him masks to prove their bond. As the rule of Raithwall held calm and kind, Belias gifted him with a special crystal. This crystal would become the first descendant of the Dynast-King, and become a mark of the family.

Once Raithwall passed, Belias was at an impasse. He could continue to stand by the children of his Master, or he could retreat. However, as he was in mourning, Belias decided to guard the tomb of his Master - and the Stone of the Gods, the Dawn Shard, for when one worthy would come by.

For seven centuries, Belias remained at the tomb, as guardian. Waiting. Still mourning the loss of one he cares for - and growing bitter once more at the fact that the Gods would create one like him. He disconnected from other Espers, sealed away in their own locations so the Gods could use them as pawns. No more would he let himself be used like that.

And then he was reborn as Basch - his Mists awakening in the form of a young child. His body had been alive for a few years by then. (Those in Landis didn't notice a change, for Belias recalled the life of this youth.) He knew not why, but knew he would need to keep an eye out in case of needing to return to his post.

From this point, Basch slips into canon. Even if he felt more distant from Noah, he felt so horrible for losing him when Landis fell - for he had grown far too close to the concept of a siblings. However, he seemed to rise though the ranks of the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca oddly quickly - for his power and guiding hand was that of one who knew how it worked.

Unlike canon, when Basch was imprisoned by the Empire, he did not seem to waste away. At this point, there was interest from Draklor to take blood from him and experiment - so, when the party found him, he was oddly pale, for much had been drained of him.

When the party goes to the Tomb of Raithwall, Basch seems to slip away while they're fighting the Demon Wall, and finds where he had been. And his powers returned, for they had been left when he was born into the body of a Man. He still needed to test the skills of those he trusted, but went a little easy. After all, everybody was worried for where Basch had done. After Belias fell, and they retrieved the Dawn Shard, it was Balthier and Fran who noticed the new scarring on Basch - and figured out he was the Esper they had battled. Basch did not deny it, but made them promise not to tell the Princess. For if she knew she had nearly killed him, it would be painful and break his heart even more. However, at this point, Basch regained all his power.

This is also when he met his boyfriend - who happened to be Ardyn from FF15. Post-canon, and brought into this world due to five Espers being killed. Over in the weird part of Ivalice - the world needed new Esper, and so brought in strong souls.

In the manga - which I'm using as part of my canon - Ashe summons Belias on the second trip into the Leviathan and loses control of it. This is because, in this world, the Esper blood in her body makes Belias slightly enter her very soul. Once she de-summons Belias and loses half her arm, she refuses to summon the beast again - blaming Belias for it all. (This, of course, hurts Basch a lot. But he refuses to talk about it. He still carries the guilt, however.)

It is once he meets another Esper - Mateus, the Corrupt in the Stilshrine of Miriam - that he has calmed from the incident. For he sees Ashe has begun to not blame the Esper, but the power of the Stones. However, he begins to worry. Would Ashe use these Stones for bad? Every day with her, he sees the same looks he recalls from Raithwall. And it hurts. He also discovered his boyfriend was the new Mateus, and took that on as a new duty. Teach him how to Esper.

However, it doesn't hurt as much as what he sees in the Draklor Labs. They've made creatures with Esper blood, abominations which look like firey sheep - trying to re-create their own Belias. It's on the path to Giruvegan that Basch finally admits it to the party - that he is Belias, the Gigas. And though he may do this for duty, that does not change what they are to him.

As Belias opened the gate to Giruvegan, however, he could not get a straight answer from Ashe of what she would do when faced with the Gods. With a heavy heart, he followed her - for that is the duty of a knight. Ashe eventually chose right, and the Sky Fortress Bahamut was awoken and fell - Ashe not using the Stone, and Basch leaving her so he could care for the Emperor of the Empire. For his brother - his Hume brother - could no longer move. Yes, Gabranth lives.

After this, however, Basch felt restless. People grew - and died. For he was immortal, even as his body aged. All the people he loved passed, and he had to leave - just him and Mateus, two Esper wandering across Ivalice, deeply in love and deeply sick of having duties - for could they not just have a few centuries of rest? Not that he knew he was to be summoned to another world.

Character Personality: Basch is a man of honour, no matter what is thrown at him. This is one of the first things you may notice about him, after getting past how he is a quiet, serious man, who usually observes more then speaking. He is a man who would easily come to your aid, even if you both were at risk - for he is a Captain.

His words tend to sway many people quickly in their honesty. As a prime example, he managed to convince Vaan that he was no kingslayer rather quickly - even though Vaan still carried the words of his brother as truth deep down - along with managing to calm Ashe to his false deeds within a trip though the desert. He carries himself with pride, though his words may betray his expressions at points. Basch, after all, spent much more time as a beast who masked his face.

His duty and code of honor is what he lives by, no matter where or when he is. He seeks to help restore Dalmasca after everything, even though he could never reclaim his own homeland of Landis. After all - his charge from the king was to protect, and so he will protect until the bloody end. He also deeply still follows the words of his long-dead Master Raithwall - much of his heart is still dedicated to honoring his memories. Basch is a man who is defiant until the very end. Even during his imprisonment, even after years of being trapped and taunted by his own twin, he gave no information on what he may know of a Resistance. So, he has a lot of willpower and determination both. He also is a man who places trust in anybody he allies with - for what is an ally if you cannot trust them?

Behind that willpower and kindness, however, is a man who tries to carry the world on his back. If he could protect one from the horrors of war, he would do anything - for he desires peace for those he cares for (and doesn't care for, honestly) more then his own personal freedom. When he asks for things himself, he tends to apologize before asking - for he is a Knight, and he should simply do his duty. He is also rather polite when he has been aided. The freedom to do whatever he desires without the weight of worrying for Ashe... it is something Basch sees as foriegn. (His belief in truth - in not allowing darkness and lies to keep him imprisoned - is almost stubbornness. He knows his life must be kept, or the Empire has lost the ability to force Ondores' hand. (That, and two years is not too long for a long-lived being.)

His life is just as a threat to others - a pawn in the game of politics. But Basch is okay with this - for someday he shall be free to continue to protect those who need him. His heart is good, even if he has had to stain his blade and hands with blood as a warrior. If he could not defend those he cared for - or if he could not find ones to care for - that would be the lowest point of the life of Basch.

Basch holds his duty to Raithwall very seriously - though he would not admit it, he would have abandoned Landis to find a way to fufill his duty to that House no matter what. After he is freed from imprisonment, he serves his role as guardian to the Princess Ashe as seriously as he would any other role. When she was younger he did it for only her House and the King both, but as time went on, Basch grew to care for her as a new hope for Ivalice. He tries to guide her hand, however, away from conflict and revenge on the Empire who killed her father - for war would twist the world to be even harsher, and he does not desire that. To follow the path manipulated by Occuria would hurt him far too much.

So, even when serving his charge, his own ideals shine though.

However, Basch also knew with a former soldier who was also a Commander and Captain of the guard - Vossler. Vossler is an interesting mirror to Basch, in that he would sell out the Princess' wellbeing in exchange for Dalmascas' freedom (in name only). Even when Vossler turns on the party and fights them, however, Basch forgives him - or, at least, promises to protect the Princess more. (Vossler had been keeping her hidden from the Empire for two years, mind you.) This shows that Basch is one who really does believe in the best of all people - even former allies. But in this universe, it also shows one of the bad parts of him being an Esper. For before Basch and Vossler were forced to fight, Basch had injured his Princess.

Basch is a man who seems to make attachments far too quickly, but that is because he has felt abandonment for a long time. Being created as a failure, Basch is forever trying to prove himself. Deep in his warm heart is a man hurt by losing people he cares for - for the shortness of a Humes' life and the length of an Occurians. Even before sealing himself in Raithwalls' tomb, Basch fell quickly into caring for anybody who showed him kindness.

In other words, Basch is a good man and Esper both, even though you may have heard some form of lies. Don't believe them.

Monster Assignment: RNG
Monster Opt-Outs: Celestial, Sphinx, Troll, Elemental, Undead
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[ Much time had passed for him since he returned from Johto to Ivalice. Not just time, but much had been seen. He had lost who he was, but gained a new life - a new duty. But, today, he was not with Larsa. (He had left him in the care of his Houndoom and Haxorus, who had also gotten special armour.) No, today Basch had two jobs to do. One was to make sure his Pokemon were given free roam so they did not act spoiled. The other was to investigate rumours of violence.

What Basch had not expected - Floette still in his armour, nested and sleeping - was to find a quite magestic machine simply in the open, abandoned by time. It seemed to be the sort of machine which was from an era long past. This was no violence - and there were not even Golems nearby.

He had simply meant to investigate it, eye it over - but, instead, his damned Spinda had gone over and pressed a button on it, letting out a combination of whines and chuckles. (Now that Basch had met Balthier, he could see the similarities. It didn't make these silly diversions more or less irratating.) As the machine whirred on, he put a hand to his Flygon. To Ashelia, his promise to Dalmasca. (Ashe had been amused at the Vibrava when she were smaller, and Basch had eventually explained where her name had come from. He had also managed to breed some others, to give to the others of the party. Though magick or something.)

And stood, Judge Magister, as there was a bright flash. Whatever came from the other end, he thought he would be ready. ]


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